DTT population coverage now 89%

According to Impulsa TDT 89.15% of the Spanish population are now covered by DTT signals. The latest Impulsa figures where compiled for the DTT operator Abertis Telecom who had to reach 88% of the population by the 31st July.
Coverage has to continue expanding, reaching 90% of the population by the 31st December 2008, 93% by the 31st July 2009 and 98% with public service broadcasts by the time of the complete analogue switch over on the 3rd April 2009.
At analogue switch off commercial broadcasts must also be available to 96% of the population.
Since the launch of DTT services 11.2 million DTT decoders/DTT TV’s have been sold raising the DTT audience TV viewing share to 16%.
Source: Impulsa TDT
Item added: 22nd August 2008