DTT plans announced by AirPlus TV

AirPlus TV one of the two bidders for DTT licences in Portugal has described its intentions in more detail.
The group is planning to reach a target of 450,000 Pay-TV subscribers before the 2012 analogue switch-off deadline.
Two packages will be offered, Basic and Premium. The Basic package will comprise of 10-12 national and foreign TV channels and will cost €11.50/month.
The Premium package will offer 4-6 TV channels, two of which will be HD, at €12/month.
Airplus TV expects to reach an agreement with the Portugal Telecom, the only other bidder, by July with regard to accessing the TV signal distribution network.
Telecom regulator Anacom will announce the winning bidder in July.
Source: advanced-television.com
Item added: 2nd June 2008