DTT Pilot starts In Uganda

Uganda has launched a digital terrestrial television (DTT) pilot project in Kampala involving 200 households. Up to seven channels are available to viewers taking part in the trial.
The signals are being broadcast by Next Generation Broadcasting (NGB), a Swedish company, in partnership with the Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC).
The current cost of STB’s in Uganda is put at between US50 (Shs 93,000) and US100 (Shs187,000).
ICT minister Aggrey Awori has told broadcasters that the government is considering subsidizing the cost of STB’s so as to encourage the transition from analogue to digital TV.
Currently less than 1 million TV sets are owned by Uganda’s 31 million people.
Uganda plans to complete its conversion from analogue to digital broadcasting by December 2012.
Source: Digital TV broadcast starts in Kampala (Monitor Daily)
Item added: 23rd November 2009

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