DTT penetration reaches 27%

The latest figures from TNT (Télévision Numérique pour Tous) and consultants GfK indicate that 27% of French households are now equipped to access DTT services.
GfK estimate that 11.4 million DTT receivers have been purchased or rented since the start of the service in March 2005.
In the last six months 3.2 million DTT receivers were sold or rented, up 40% on the previous 6 months.
By September 26th, GfK estimate that 8,307,000 receivers were sold, 4,219,000 of which were adapters, 2,554,000 were IDTV’s and 1,255,000 were in computers and other PC peripherals.
Source: Télésatellite
Item added: 2nd October 2007