DTT market reviews

The Swedish Radio and Television Authority (RTVV) is exploring the possibility of offering more licences to broadcast over the country’s terrestrial system, reports Broadband TV News.
The Authority has also commissioned two additional reports on market trends.
The first, in co-operation with the Swedish Competition Authority (Konkurrensverket), is designed to evaluate the present overall TV market and evaluate the Swedish market against international development. Results are expected to be published on the 14th December.
The Authority has also asked transmission company Teracom to offer its views on technological moves including when a permanent HD network might be established. A response is expected by the 8th December.
The two reports will form the basis of RTVV’s strategy and help them decide whether additional DTT licences might be made available during 2010. A draft policy document is expected to be ready by the spring.
40 national and 14 regional channels have been licensed by the RTVV, which has already expressed its desire for the introduction of MPEG-4 services introduced.
Source: Broadband TV News
Item added: 30th November 2009