DTT in Slovenia

The public service broadcaster RTV SLO is planning to launch DTT services in September 2006 according to the July Web Letter from Digitag.
In November 2005 the Government passed a new law on public service broadcasting allocating a full multiplex for the services provided by RTV SLO.
RTV SLO are already required to provide 3 national television programme services, 1 regional service and 4 radio services. Commercial broadcasters will be allowed capacity on other multiplexes.
A DTT trial service has been running since September 2001 and currently covers 34% of the population using just 2 transmitter sites. An additional 8 transmiter sites will be added by the end of the year increasing coverage to 54.4%. The coverage will be further increased through 2007-2008.
At first MPEG-4 was seriously considered as the compression standard for Slovenia, but because of the significant Slovenian viewing of Italian and Croatian television, the same MPEG-2 standard used by them has been chosen.
Terrestrial TV is viewed by 48% of households in Slovenia and Cable by 39%.
Analogue switch-off has been announced for either 2010 or 2011
Source: Digitag Web Letter July 2006
Item added: 17th July 2006