DTT in 29.2% of Spanish households

The latest report from the Spanish TV association, Impulsatdt says that 29.2% of the 15 million TV households in Spain already have access to DTT programming.
The sale of 1.37 million DTT tuners before Christmas brought the total number DTT tuners/ receivers sold since March 2003 to 8.81 million. It goes on to say that 5.7 million people watch DTT programming each day, which together with the daily average 1.5 hours of TV viewing equates to an audience share of 11.5%.
Madrid, Valencia, Canaries Islands and Catalonia are the regions where DTT is most widely watched. More than 40 per cent of homes in Madrid are connected to DTT, followed by the Canaries with 38.5 per cent, Catalonia, with 33.9 per cent and Murcia, with 29.9 per cent.
Sources: advanced-television.com and Impulsatdt
Item added: 23rd March 2008