DTT consultation during August

The introduction of DTT in Portugal will be put to public consultation during August according to the Assistant Secretary of State for Public Works, Transport and Communications, Paulo Campos.
Opinions have already been received from ERC (the body that regulates social communication) and AdC (the competition authority). Opinion from Anacom (the telecom regulator) is expected in the next few days. After the public consultation is completed a ruling will be made and tenders issued, allowing applications for licences to begin.
Mario Lino, Minister for Public Works and Communications made it clear, in recent speeches, that during Portugal’s presidency of the EU, in the second half of the year, DTT will be one of the priorities for the telecom sector. He went on to say that decisions must be made on the possible uses that the spectrum, freed up during the switchover process, can be used for.
Source: advanced-television.com
Item added: 21st May 2007