DTT auction for 6 DTT multiplexes

Italian commercial broadcaster Mediaset has completed tests of the High Definition versions of its three terrestrial TV channels and has switched off transmissions following the announcement of the auction for the allocation of TV frequencies; vacated by analogue services with the switchover to DTT.
Mediaset and Telecom Italia Media Broadcasting (TIMB) had previously been assigned two multiplexes for experimental purposes.
Italy’s Ministry for Economic Development recently published, on its website, the announcement for the free allocation of six digital multiplexes to both existing and new players on the market, including Sky Italia.
The change means that the transmissions of Canale 5 HD, Italia 1 HD and Rete 4 +1 are no longer available, while the Canale 5+1 and Italia 1 +1 channels have been transferred to the Mediaset 5 multiplex.
At the same time, the TIMB HD channels are no longer transmitted on TIMB 4, but continue to broadcast on multiplex TIMB 2, which remained empty after the closure of pay-TV platform Dahlia. The HD package includes La7 HD, La7d HD, and MTV HD, while MTV Music HD has stopped broadcasting.
Source: Advanced Television
Item added: 17th July 2011