DTT Antenna update

Jampro Antennas have been awarded a major contract from Vietnam Television (VTV) to supply 10 DTV-ready antenna systems to its DVB-T transmission sites located throughout the Socialist Republic of Vietnam as well as facilitate installation and commissioning.
All 10 VTV sites will be equipped with Jampro model JUHD broadband UHF panel antennas, Jampro UHF combiners, Jampro Proline ridged transmission line and related RF components. Each site will be turned over to VTV as a finished, operating and tested turnkey installation.
Vietnam began DVB-T transmissions transmissions in Hanoi during 2001. In 2005 the Vietnam Television Investment and development company (VTC) was given permission by the government to provide DVB-T services nationwide opening the opportunity to provide services to Vietnams 64 provinces and cities. In 2010 it was announced that DTT would be available to the whole of Vietnam by 2020.
Source: Broadcast Engineering
Item added: 24th October 2011