DNA to operate two DTT multiplexes with DVB-T2

Finnish operator DNA Oy has announced that it will launch two DTT HDTV multiplexes in VHF band III using the DVB-T2 standard and MPEG-4, H.264 AVC coding. The announcement comes after its selection by the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications Finland to operate two VHF DTT multiplexes.
DNA did not waste any time and launched a technical test trial service in Lahti on the 8th December.
DNA plan to make DTT HDTV services commercially available to 40% of households by the end of 2010. Coverage will be extended to 60% of households in 2011.
Viewer in the Lahti and Helsinki region will be able to receive DNA’s HD test transmissions for the first time during the winter Olympics held in Vancouver, if they have suitable receiving equipment for DVB-T HD. Owing to the predicted lack of deployed DVB-T2 receivers during this special winter Olympic period the DVB-T2 transmissions are to be suspended and replaced by HDTV ones using DVB-T temporarily.
Main source: DNA
Item added: 14th December 2009