DNA deploys DVB-T2 SFN Network

The three multiplexes awarded to DNA earlier this year will deploy HDTV signals to 80% of all Finnish TV households using DVB-T2, MPEG-4 coding and Single Frequency Networks (SFN).
The Renne based company TeamCast was awarded the contract to supply all the modulation and SFN synchronisation equipments.
Kari Ruopsa, Head of Department, Television Networks at DNA Ltd said, ”With the cutting edge technology from TeamCast we are confident to meet all challenges in our DVB-T2 roll-out. Modern IP-connectivity in their equipment and advanced features like SFN help us to deliver excellent customer experience in terrestrial HDTV. Our target is to cover more than 80% of Finnish households, and TeamCast equipment has fulfilled our expectations from the technology piloting in early 2010 to the current commercial network roll-out”.
Source: TeamCast
Item added: 23rd May 2011