Discover how 15 DVB Members are implementing the future of media delivery

DVB DEMOS returns on 30 September: livestream from 10:00 to 12:00 CEST; private meetings and demos from 13:00 to 18:00.

Building on the success of last year’s inaugural event, DVB DEMOS 2021 provides a chance to see short, sharp demonstrations of innovative products and services based on the latest generation of internet-centric DVB solutions.

With each live demo just five minutes long, viewers can learn a lot in under two hours. It is also possible to book private meetings with each exhibitor for more in-depth discussions and further demos. Topics covered include DVB-I, DVB-MABR (ABR multicast), Native IP, targeted advertising, 5G and more.

DVB-I everywhere

DVB-I will be a key element of most of the demos presented. TPV Technology will show how a single DVB-I deployment can adapt to deliver the best experience possible across different device types, while Dolby will show how DVB-I can contribute to increased viewer engagement, using the example of dialogue enhancement, deployed without any change in production infrastructure.

Kineton will present Kinecar, a new infotainment solution targeting electric vehicles, that leverages DVB-I to provide access to an array of entertainment resources. Huawei will demonstrate the global applicability of DVB-I, demonstrating the reference client with DVB-DASH streaming, a Chinese EPG and service lists, and showing Chinese content.

With DVB having recently published its commercial requirements for DVB-I services over 5G, Qualcomm will provide a first glimpse of how this may work in practice. The demo will show the use of DVB-MABR over LTE-based 5G broadcast.

Service delivery

The forthcoming DVB specification for Native IP delivery will be the subject of two demos. In the first, Broadpeak, ST Engineering iDirect, EKT and EasyBroadcast are collaborating on the world’s first multi-vendor end-to-end demo of the B2C use case of Native IP, demonstrating origination, transport, reception and consumption of live OTT video over satellite.

ENENSYS Technologies will present another first, showing an end-to-end implementation of Native IP for delivery of OTT content over satellite and terrestrial. ENENYS is also one of four DVB Members in the NESTED consortium. The others are ATEME, Orange and Viaccess-Orca. The aim of the NESTED project is to show how the latest DVB standards, including DVB-I, DVB-MABR and DVB-DASH, can be used to deliver universal enhanced television services.

Test for success

One of the main benefits of using open standards is of course the interoperability of equipment from different providers. The final two contributors to DVB DEMOS 2021 play a key role here. Eurofins will demonstrate testing for DVB-TA through HbbTV’s receiver tests for Targeted Advertising, in the Eurofins Ligada Test Harness, along with DVB-CI PLUS testing through its CI Plus Host and Module Testing Tools.

Finally, DTG Testing will present the DTG DVB-I Test Suite, a cloud-based tool that contains the metadata for all the endpoints of the DVB-I specification and provides a set of structured tests, enabling implementers to expedite development and launch services with confidence.

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