DigTAG Roadmap for DTT Evolution

DigiTAG and Analysys Mason have issued a new report to help benchmark technology evolutions on the Digital Terrestrial TV (DTT) platform in Europe. While nearly all countries have completed the migration of the terrestrial television platform from analogue to digital, considerations are now underway in many countries to adopt new DTT technologies such as DVB-T2 and HEVC that can better accommodate changes in viewing habits and spectrum usage.

Viewers have remained committed to the terrestrial platform. It is the primary television delivery platform for 43% of households across Europe, used by 250 million viewers. Coverage is widespread with most markets making the DTT platform available to 98% of the population. DTT is the only platform that provides a percentage of free-to-air services in all markets, while in many countries there is an extensive free-to-air offering. It ensures public service content to all viewers.

Despite claims that broadcast television is heading towards extinction,it remains the most popular means to access content. Linear television viewing has increased in recent years and accounts for an average of 4 hours per day in the five major European markets. Live television content, most notably major sporting events remain popular. Even among younger watchers, who spend a greater percentage of time on non-linear content, compared to other viewers, linear television accounts for 50% of all viewing. To date, non-linear television has not eroded traditional television viewing. Instead, linear television serves as an entry point to access time-shifted and on-demand content.

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