Digital TV returns to Argentina’s Agenda

Today, the 30th September, in the Public Post Office, the launching day for Digital TV in Argentina will be carried out. The event organized by the Communications Secretary and the Asociación de Teleradiodifusoras Argentina (ATA), reflex’s the return of Digital TV to the sector’s agenda after several years with scarce advances within the service implementation. Within Carlos Menem presidency, the country had chosen the US standard ATSC for Digital TV. Afterwards, Fernando De la Rúa`s Government announced that he would repeal the American norm, decision that finally died in its intent. Within the topics, subjects as Digital TV standards, transmission experiences, production of Argentina’s private TV stations and the challenges from analogical to digital TV would be discussed, Cabinet Chief, Alberto Fernández; the Federal Planning Minister, Julio De Vido and ATA`s president, Carlos Fontán Balestra will be present.
Source: @LIS Weekly Market Watch
Item added: 30th September 2005
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