Digital TV overtakes Analogue TV in the UK

Ofcom’s latest figures show that 18.2 million households were able to watch digital television at the end of March 2006. This is 72.5% of UK households. Digital Terrestrial households now total 7.09 million with Digital Satellite households still slightly greater at 7.69 million. This means that Digital Terrestrial household now exceed the number of analogue only households for the first time.
Ofcom estimates that all the homes using DTT equipment to be around 8.8 million. DTT households grew by 600k during the first quarter and by the end of March 2006, 10.9 million DTT receivers had been sold.
Off the 1.2 million DTT sales in the first quarter of the year an estimated 38% are for use on secondary sets in the home.
Source: Ofcom Digital Progress report Q1 2006
Item added: 8th June 2006