Digital Terrestrial TV report completed

A report detailing the results of technical performance test in Peru on the three DTT systems has been completed and given to the Ministry of Transport and communications (MTC) for consideration.
The report compiled by a team of technicians from Peru’s UPC University provides detailed results of field trails and tests done on the three systems, DVB-T, ATSC and ISDB-T since the beginning of December.
Veronica Zavala, Minister for Transportation and Communications now has the task of deciding which system should be used in Peru.
UPC University began field tests on the three systems on the 3rd of December 2007, using a 1.8 kW Channel 29 transmitter and a 16-bay antenna with a gain of approximately 17 dB. The transmitter was operated at a reduced output power of 1 kW, which provided an effective radiated power of approximately 50 kW. The transmission facility, which was provided by TV station Andina de Radiodifusion, allowed instantaneous switching between the three DTV systems.
It was also reported that Frecuencia Latina (Channel 2) and ATV (channel 9) are already doing tests with European and U.S. digital standards.
Main source: Living in Peru
Item added: 4th March 2008