Digital Terrestrial platform will use MHP from the start

In autumn 2006 Austria starts its DVB-T service with 70% coverage. As an integral feature of this new TV-platform TV broadcasters ORF and ATV, will provide their new “MHP Multitext”, a state of the art version of Infotext (Teletext), a service already familiar to Austrian TV consumers. This MHP Multitext will be based on MHP 1.1.2.
The Austrian regulatory authority RTR has also announced that subsidies will be provided for MHP Set Top boxes (MHP-STB) under the following conditions: Early adopters: The first 100,000 buyers of a certified MHP-STB will be able to cash a 40 Euro voucher, sent to all those TV- households that have registered.
In addition around 330,000 low-income households will also be able to request a 40 Euro voucher for the purchase of an MHP-STB.

At the start of the DTT platform in Austria only six programmes will be broadcast and the subsidy is being provided to kick start the service by helping consumers to see the added benefits available from Multitext and DTT. Later when the analogue services have been switched off the DTT service will be extended in both channel choice and services.
Source: RTR press release
Item added: 11th July 2006