Digital switchover completed

Network operator Media Broadcast has announced that the digital switchover has been completed throughout Germany as of the 2nd December 2008 and services are now available to 90% of the population, in total 74 million people. However in some places the switchover is not 100% complete and some small areas will continue to receive analogue gap fillers to ensure full coverage.
To complete the changeover process Media Broadcast set up new broadcast antennas at 79 transmission sites and installed 283 new transmitter stations. During the process 6,000 analogue TV transmitters and transposers were decommissioned.
Viewers are able to access between 12 and 30 television programme services depending on their location.
During the transition a three-tier receiving concept was developed to provide provision for inside, outside and rooftop reception.
Source: Media Broadcast press release
Item added: 16th December 2008