Digital Dividend to be auctioned

The Spanish government has approved a Royal decree that will allow 310MHz of spectrum to be auctioned for wireless broadband services.
The 310MHz includes the “digital dividend” TV spectrum between 790-862MHz which will become available at the end of 2014 following the completion of analogue TV switch off.
The money raised by the auction will be used to fund the move of DTT services already operating in the “800MHz” band to new frequencies.
The auction of the licences for the 310MHz of spectrum is expected to take place this summer.
Successful bidders will be obliged to provide broadband services with speeds of at least 30Mbits/s to 90% of the population in cities with less than 5000 residents by the 1st January 2020. The licences will be valid until 2030.
Source: Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce thanks to DigiTAG
Item added: 3rd May 2011