Digital Dividend Review favours more SD programmes

Ofcom recently released the results of its Digital Dividend research during 2007.
The findings are the result of quantative research, by Ipsos MORI, involving 1,999 UK citizens and qualitative research from five deliberative workshops among representative UK citizens from various parts of the country.
Faced with six service choices; extra standard-definition channels on Freeview; local TV on Freeview; High-definition (HD) channels on Freeview; wireless home networks; improved mobile phone and mobile broadband services; and mobile television, consumers showed a preference for more Freeview standard-definition channels on the DTT platform whilst mobile television received the lowest ranking.
As might be expected, of the few who had access to HDTV already, the preference for these services was greater than those only having access to SDTV.
The full results can be accessed by clicking on the ‘Source’ link at the end of this item.
Source: Ofcom DDR documents
Item added: 4th December 2007