“Digital Dividend” Consultation launched

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has released a discussion paper which addresses the forthcoming re-allocation of digital dividend spectrum, (the ‘700 MHz band), spectrum that will be released when the switch from analogue to digital television is completed in 2013. The paper highlights key issues that the ACMA will be considering as it plans for this allocation and provides background information on the digital dividend allocation process which will give context to the issues raised.
The ACMA invites members of the public to submit comments regarding the issues and questions raised in the discussion paper. Additional feedback and views related to this allocation will also be welcomed in submissions.
The discussion paper can be downloaded in PDF (534 kb) or Word (724 kb) format.
The closing date for submissions is 5:00pm, Monday, 6 December 2010.
Before submissions are due, the ACMA will hold a Digital Dividend Spectrum Tune-up. This event will offer stakeholders the opportunity to gain a clearer understanding of the issues raised in the discussion paper and will be another avenue for giving feedback to the ACMA about the digital dividend allocation. The Spectrum Tune-Up will be held in Sydney on the 3rd November 2010 and will be open to stakeholders and the public.
Source: acma.gov.au
Item added: 25th October 2010