Digital Broadcasting Conference

Myanmar’s Forever Group together with the ABU co-hosted the Digital Broadcasting Conference for Asian Broadcasters in late November. This ran over 3 days and consisted of a series of workshops and a conference. More than 100 broadcasters and technical professionals from Myanmar and across the region attended.

This conference was considered important at this time because many countries in the region have not only adopted DVB-T2 as their national DTT standard but are now proceeding with implementation of services. This includes countries like Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Vietnam etc.

Many of the presentations focussed on most aspects of planning, design & implementation. DVB was represented by John Bigeni and Gerard Faria (Teamcast) conducted workshops covering a range of topics aimed at assisting broadcasters in planning and implementing services using the new DVB-T standard. Other members of DVB such as Enensys, Rohde & Schwarz &  Sony also participated in the event.

Myanmar which is experiencing unprecedented economic change itself but still very much a developing country has had very early entry into Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting having commenced DVB-T transmissions as early as 2006. The Forever Group have already commissioned 3 DVB-T2 transmitters and commenced test transmissions.

28 Nov 2012
John Bigeni, DVB