Delays to BBC/ITV Freesat launch

BBC director general Mark Thompson admitted that the free-view-satellite digital satellite service was delayed during a recent Commons culture committee. He said that the launch of the service is likely to be delayed until the autumn of 2007 and gave the reason as an agreement on standards.
Earlier reports in November from set-top-box manufacturers warned the BBC and ITV that their Freesat service might have to be delayed for a year because the broadcasters had yet to provide detailed specifications.
At present the terrestrial DTT coverage is limited to 73% of the population and coverage cannot be increased until more frequencies are released during the progressive analogue switch-off phase.
The Freesat service was planned to allow those viewers outside the current Freeview DTT coverage areas to have the benefit of the new service during the run up to switchover.
Source: DTG Website
Item added: 17th July 2006