Danish switchover gets closer

On the 31st October Denmark switches of all its analogue terrestrial TV broadcasts to make space for three DTT multiplexes. These will be joined by a fourth multiplex on the 1st November 2010 when neighbouring countries have completed their own ASO.
As well as the existing digital broadcasts, coded in MPEG-2, the switch makes it possible to receive new and old services coded in MPEG-4. These new services include DR1, DR2, Newsfeeds (DR updates), DR’s new children’s channel, DR’s new history/culture channel, DR’s new HD channel, TV2, TV2 regions, Folketing TV as well as local and regional services.
Pay-DTT channels from Boxer also start on the 1st November.
Satellite delivered Pay-Digital TV is already available by satellite from Viasat and Canal Digital.
Sources: http://www.dr.dk/DigitaltTV/20081106141742.htm and http://www.tvdigitalt.dk/
Item added: 14th September 2009