CSA publishes the plan to 95% DTT coverage by end of 2011

The Conseil supérieur de l’audiovisuel (CSA) agreed at its meeting on 10 July 2007, the procedures for the extension of DTT coverage to reach 95% of the French population by the end of 2011.
The plan meets the legal goal of 95% coverage of the metropolitan population by the end of 2011, while guaranteeing a minimum of 91% coverage in each of the 99 ‘Departments’ of the country. This is to ensure a homogeneous service avoiding any territorial ‘digital divide’.
By the end of 2007, 85% coverage will be achieved by new DTT transmitters for Mulhouse, Strasbourg, Forbach, Metz, Nancy, Sarrebourg and Verdun which begin operation at the end of October, followed by transmitters for Abbeville, Amiens, Boulogne-sur-Mer, Cluses, Dunkirk, Gex-Vesancy, Hirson, Lille-Bouvigny, Longwy, Maubeuge, Mézières and Valencians operational by the end of December.
The Council also laid down annual objectives both at the national level and also by ‘Department’. These objectives are as follows:
  End of 2008 – 89% national coverage with a minimum per Department of 75%

End of 2009 – 92% national coverage with a minimum of coverage per Department of 85%

End of 2010 – 93% national coverage with a minimum per Department of 89%

End of 2011 – 95% national coverage with a minimum of coverage per Department of 91%.

Each year the plan for new transmitters will be defined, in discussion with multiplex operators and while giving priority to the areas where analogue TV will be switched off first, according to the national plan. By the end of July the CSA will define a list of more than 250 priority zones for 2008. The list will detail the major towns in some departments that are not already covered by DTT or where coverage needs to be improved.The CSA also said that it will pay particular attention to the methods needed to extend DTT to France’s overseas communities.
Source: CSA Website in French – translation by DigiTAG
Item added: 16th July 2007