CSA agrees DVB-T2 tests in Rennes

The French media authority the CSA has authorised the broadcast transmitter company TDF to carry out DVB-T2 tests in the city of Rennes.
The pilot started on the 20th October, but the CSA has only just published its decision.
The tests are being carried out on UHF channel 43 from two transmitter sites, Rennes- Cesson Sevigne and Rennes-January, for a period of six months.
One of the aims of the tests seems to be to test single frequency networks.
Abertis Telecom has also launched another DVB-T2 pilot in Barcelona which will also study the implementation of DVB-T2 single frequency networks as well as DVB-T2 Lite.
Source: Broadband TV News
Item added: 28th November 2011