Croatia starts DTT trials

Croatia has begun DTT broadcasts in the capital, Zagreb, and coastal town of Rijeka. In Zagreb, broadcasts are undertaken through two transmitters – HRT Dom (UHF 56) and Sljeme (UHF 27) – while in Rijeka, broadcasts are employing the Ucka (UHF 28) transmitter.

The transmissions from Sljeme can also be received in parts of neighbouring Slovenia, while those from Ucka cover the Adriatic and Italian region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. A fourth transmitter will soon also be activated in the eastern town of Osijek (UHF 33) and cover parts of neighbouring Serbia. The DVB-T multiplex currently carries Croatia’s four principal channels – HRT1, HRT2, Nova TV and RTL Televizija
Source: Digitag
Item added: 27th June 2005
  Croatia Background
An experimental DVB-T system was started in May 2002. Two transmitters were installed by Croatian national television (HRT), each of approximately 250W. They cover the city of Zagreb and the surrounding area, which has a population of around 800,000. The objective of the trail is to test different modes of operation and in particular SFN’s and the protection ratio’s necessary for co existence with analogue TV transmissions.

It is expected that 6 multiplexes will finally be needed but at present there are no free channels available.

The government has still to announce official plans for the introduction of DVB-T and a switch off date for the present analogue TV transmissions.




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