Croatia encourages DTT pilot with financial help

A DTT pilot programme in the coastal region of Istria is to be helped by the use of special coupons.
The coupons worth HRK 200 (€27) go towards the purchase of a Set Top Box and will be distributed to viewers until the 20th November for use by the 30th June 2008.
Viewers will be able to access DTT services on two multiplexes, one on UHF channel 28, providing commercial broadcasters from Nova TV, RTL Televizija and two additional services not yet licensed.
The remaining multiplex will provide services from the public service broadcaster, which includes HRT1, HRT2, HRT3 (sports and entertainment) and HRT4 (news).
Analogue switch-off is expected to be completed by 2010.
Item added: 16th October 2007