Croatia DTT update

Preparations are well underway for an official launch of DTT services in 2007. A DTT trial has been running since May 2002 providing 4 television programme services in a single multiplex using MPEG-2.
Content comes from HTV1 and HTV2 (both public service broadcasters) and from RTL and Nova (both commercial broadcasters). Regional content may also be made available this year as well as an additional multiplex.
A DVB-H trial is also planned fro Zagreb.
DVB-T signals currently cover 75% of the population, broadcast from 7 transmitters.
An additional 10 transmitters will be added by the end of the year increasing coverage to 90%.
It is hoped that the legislation to provide a framework for the launch of DTT services in Croatia will be approved by the end of the year.
80% of the population watch terrestrial TV, 10-15% Cable and approximately 2% satellite TV.
Source: Digitag Web Letter July 2006
Item added: 17th July 2006