Countdown to DTT re-launch

The General Secretary for Telecommunications, Francisco Ros, has announced that the Government is to finally re-allocate Quiero’s three and a half multiplexes (14 TV channels) “over the next weeks”. The re-allocation will made amongst present broadcasters -RTVE, Antena 3, Tele 5, Canal Plus, Veo TV and Net TV- although one or two new possible entrants are not ruled out.

The Administration is holding negotiations with state-owned group RTVE about its role in the development of DTT. RTVE has asked the Government to grant it with two multiplexes to lead the market. “Undoubtedly, its role (RTVE) will be very important”, said Ros. In parallel, the Government hopes that the new DTT law is finally approved in May to give a definitive boost to the market and pave the way for the launch in Autumn of a DTT platform with 22 channels, coinciding with the Christmas campaign