Consultation on HD/DTT content management

Ofcom has opened a consultation on the management of HD content on the DTT platform following a request by the BBC who wish to continue the use of Huffman codes for its EPG coding as a way of providing a level of content management in HD receivers
The consultation seeks responses on the proposal by the BBC to change its digital license to allow it to restrict access to the Huffman codes to those manufacturers that have made use of certain content management technologies.
Viewers would continue to be able to make unrestricted recordings of the BBC’s and other free to air broadcasters HD content onto digital video recorders. However, broadcasters will be able to control the number of times the content can be copied onto certain receivers and its redistribution over the internet.
This consultation follows an initial request made by the BBC in August 2009.
The consultation is open until 2 April 2010.
Source: Ofcom website
Item added: 25th January 2010