Consultation on DVB-T2 migration

Colombia’s National Television Commission (CNTV) has launched a public consultation proposing that the country migrates from the DVB-T standard for digital terrestrial television delivery to the more advanced DVB-T2 standard, which provides more capacity using the same bandwidth.
CNTV has recently obtained the results of a series of technical studies that it commissioned to evaluate the implementation of DVB-T2.
First rolled out by the UK nearly two years ago and then followed by other European nations including Sweden, Finland, Italy and Ukraine, DVB-T2 makes a more efficient use of the available radio frequency spectrum, which in turn translates into higher bandwidth per channel. This makes it possible for broadcasters to either pack more channels per multiplex than in DVB-T systems or to transmit a similar number of channels with some of them in HD or 3D.
Jaime Andrés Estrada, CNTV’s director, said the results of the DVB-T2 tests will now be made available to the general public as part of the consultation process.
The development of DTT in Colombia is still at a very early stage and CNTV is convinced this is the right time to migrate to the next-generation version of the standard.
People and companies interested in providing their input to the public consultation can do so via email to
The deadline for comments is the 1st December 2011.
Source: Rapid TV News
Item added: 28th November 2011