Conference reviews DTT progress

At the Third National Conference on DTT held in Vicenza, Italian leaders discussed the current DTT progress and plans for the future. The conference was organised by the Fondazione Ugo Bordoni.

The first phase of analogue switch-off is ready to begin in Sardinia and Val d’Aosta. On 31 January, analogue terrestrial transmissions will end for 70% of the population. Full analogue switch-off will take place on 21 July.

The deputy minister for communications, Paolo Romani, noted that, as in previous years, €110 million has been included in the 2006 budget in order to help households purchase interactive set-top boxes. It is likey, however, that the amount of the subsidy will decrease from €70 to €50 per household.

In addition, Romani also announced that the next region for analogue switch-off will likely be Friuli Venezia Giulia.
Source; Digitag
Item added: 11th October 2005