ComReg consults on Spectrum for Mobile TV

The Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg) announced a public consultation on the award of UHF spectrum on the 18th June, initially for the five urban areas of Cork, Dublin, Galway, Limerick and Waterford.
The spectrum could be of interest not only to the broadcasting sector, for the provision of a multi-city Mobile TV service, but also to the wider communications sector as it could facilitate other mobile multimedia applications. ComReg will also consider any suggestions for other possible uses of the spectrum from licensees.
The consultation focuses on two possible award options and relevant licence conditions which, in the case of a Mobile TV service, include the following: A licence duration of 10 years, wholesale service obligations aimed at ensuring access to the content on fair, transparent and nondiscriminatory basis for other operators; A requirement that the Mobile TV service is available to end-users in each of the five urban areas within 24 months; Annual licence fees of €340,000 indexed to the Consumer Price Index.
Licence conditions applicable to other services include the following:  A licence duration of 10 years, a spectrum mask based on an 8MHz bandwidth under which the service must technically operate; Annual licence fees of  €650,000 indexed to the Consumer Price Index.
The consultation is open until 5pm on the 30th July.
Source: Comreg
Item added: 26th June 2008