Colombia-affirms its choice of DVB-T

The Board of Directors of the Comisión Nacional de Televisión (CNTV) has re-affirmed Colombia’s previous decision to adopt the DVB-T standard for Terrestrial TV broadcasting and set the conditions for its implementation.
The decision was made in regular session on the 21st after considering the procedure established by Law 182/95.
The approved article describes the possibility to advance the transition to digital broadcasting and defines the responsibility of broadcasters to provide the same services on the digital platform as they do in the analogue TV service. It also gives the power to allow CNTV to grant concessions for the provision of Mobile TV. The use of MPEG-4, H.264.AVC for the video compression standard was also confirmed.
The process will be regulated by CNTV who will have control over all aspects of the DTV implementation in Colombia.
Item added: 27th December 2010