Città Digitali broadcast 3D on DTT

Città Digitali became Italy’s second TV channel to broadcast in 3D on the occasion of the European Digital Television Forum held recently in Lucca.
Città Digitali broadcast part of its programming free-to-air in 3D, offering content related to art, architecture, cultural heritage, environment, leisure and regional food and wine.
The 3D Tile Format used, allows the integration of two frames of 720 lines in a single frame with 1,080 lines. The left and right reconstructed images retain their original resolution, avoiding an imbalance of vertical or horizontal resolution. In this way the quality of the transmission of HD 3D content compared to current solutions (Side-by-Side or Top-Bottom) is said to be significantly improved.
The project in Italy’s Tuscany region follows a similar one in Piedmont, dating back to December 2010.
Source: Advanced Television
Item added: 27th June 2011