Chinese Digital Terrestrial TV Broadcasting standard approved

Without fuss the latest Bulletin of national standards number 8, from the Standardization Administration of China, includes a standard for Terrestrial Digital Broadcasting. Listed as item 28. The standard, number GB20600-2006 is entitled ‘Framing structure, Channel coding and modulation for digital television terrestrial broadcasting system’
The new standard issued on the 18th August 2006 is reported by some observers to be more generally called DMB-T/H (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting Terrestrial/Handheld)
DMB-T/H is a result of work at both the Tsinghua University in Beijing and Jiaotong University in Shanghai and is thought to be more a co-existence of the two separate standards developed by these universities rather than an all embracing single standard integrating both approaches.
Tsinghua’s system TDS-OFDM (Time Domain Synchronous OFDM) uses multicarriers just like the DVB-T and Japanese ISDB-T whilst Jiatongs ADTB-T (Advanced Digital Television Broadcast Terrestrial) is a single carrier vestigial sideband system based on the US 8-VSB standard.
Sources: Various plus Standardisation Administration of China
Item added: 4th September 2006