ČESKÝ TELECOM Acquires another license for DTT

ČESKÝ TELECOM, a.s., has acquired a license for the short-term experimental transmission of digital television (DVB-T) through its subsidiary company OMNICOM Praha, spol. s.r.o. In the scope of the pilot transmission, the operator will offer programs from the Óčko music station and TOP TV, it will also enable viewers to tune into Brno television station TVb 1. “We received a 60-day license for experimental transmitting, which will begin as of today, March 6, 2006. This will last until the launch of regular digital broadcasting on the basis of a license regulation in multiplex C,” stated Miroslav Hořejší, Deputy Executive Manager, OMNICOM.

Michal Žilka, Executive Director of Content Services and Business Development for ČESKÝ TELECOM, added: “While we are waiting for the license for regular commercial broadcasting in the DVB-T system we would like to be active by means of the pilot transmission. We would also like to test the quality of the transmission of the digital signal and of interactive applications, including those that have been newly prepared.”
Source: Cesky telecom press release
Item added: 13th March 2006