Call for HDTV on the DTT platform

The DTT promotion group comprised of free-to-air broadcasters and network operators, Groupement Télévision numérique pour tous, has called for available spectrum to be allocated to free-to-air broadcasters to allow for the provision of high-definition and mobile television services. In addition, spectrum should be allocated free-of-charge.
The Groupement Télévision numérique pour tous is comprised of most of the free-to-air broadcasters on the DTT platform, including public and commercial broadcasters. Members include NT1, ARTE, Direct 8, France 2, France 3, France 4, France 5, la chaîne parlementaire, NRJ12, Gulli and BFM TV.
The statement from the Groupement TNT is a response to the public consultation launched by the Ministry of Culture on the launch of HD and mobile services on the terrestrial platform.
Original Source: AFP
Main Source: Digitag
Item added: 1st June 2006