Broadcasters ‘must help government in digital transition’

Thai public broadcaster NBT has the responsibility to support the government in the transition from analogue to digital broadcasting at various points, its Deputy Director General Ladavan Bua-Aim has said.
Mrs Ladavan was speaking at an ABU workshop on Content Creation for Digital Television that was hosted by NBT in Bangkok.
She said the Thai government had been actively engaged with both the public and private sectors to ensure a smooth transition from analogue to digital broadcasting in the country.
Among the many studies carried out to assist this transition were those that looked at how national policy should be addressed for the switching over, and the impact on the broadcasting, telecommunication and electronics industries in Thailand.
The results from these studies were compiled and analysed as guidelines for the national policy on selecting an appropriate digital system for the country.
A total of 43 participants from NBT, Bangkok Entertainment Co Ltd (Channel 3), Royal Thai Army Radio (Channel 5), Bangkok Broadcasting & TV Co Ltd (Channel 7), Modernnine TV (MCOT), TPBS-Thailand and the ITU Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific attended the three-day workshop.
The speakers were from Conax-Singapore, Sony Asia Pacific (Singapore and Bangkok), MediaCorp-Singapore and EBS-Korea.
Source: ABU Weekly News Digest
Item added: 4th October 2010