Broadcast regulator AGCOM announces plans for an all-digital broadcast environment

The Italian Communications Authority, AGCOM, has issued a declaration regarding its objectives for planning an all-digital broadcast environment. AGCOM will compile a national register of terrestrial broadcast frequencies. The national registry will allow a review of the initial frequency allocation plan established in 2002 and will be used in to help plan analogue switch-off.
The national register will also be used to plan for the allocation of additional multiplexes that could become available following analogue switch-off. AGCOM hopes that a total of 12 multiplexes will be available, dependant on international agreement.

AGCOM has called for increased controls to ensure that multiplex operators provide independent content providers and broadcasters with access to 40% of the multiplex capacity. It is a possiblity that AGCOM  will introduce an auctioning process for the allocation of any  frequencies that become available at switch-off.
AGCOM is also planning to put together regulations for DVB-H use.
Source: AGCOM website
Item added: 6th April 2006