Brazil’s Largest Cable Companies Opt For DVB-C Solutions

Nagravision, part of the Swiss-based Kudelski Group, announced last week that the two largest cable television companies in Brazil have decided to use its technologies for the delivery of digital cable television. NET Serviços de Comunicação, Latin America’s and Brazil’s largest cable TV operator, has selected Nagravision Conditional Access system using the latest generation DOCSIS DVB compliant return path set-top boxes from Thomson. TVA, Brazil’s second largest cable operator, has selected for its new digital platform Nagravision’s Conditional Access system and its Livewire Tsunami STB software.

NET Serviços

Formerly known as Globo Cabo, NET Serviços is the largest multiple system operator of Pay TV in Brazil . It operates the NET brand in 44 of the country’s major cities. The company has a subscriber base of 1,3 million connected people and its cabling network runs through nearly 6,5 million homes. NET offers also Broadband Internet services through its VIRTUA brand name, as well as, data communication and multimedia services for the corporate network through its VICOM subsidiary.

NET and Nagravision will be working on implementing a state-of-the-art all digital cable system that includes Nagravision’s latest conditional access system and smart card technology. This solution will enable NET to offer numerous applications in a completely open environment. The system can offer consumers the latest in digital cable services such as new digital tier programming, advanced user interfaces, interactive applications, and DVR services. “Amongst the many advantages of an all digital platform, Nagravision’s open solutions will also enable NET to reduce set-top box prices, which translates into lower capital costs as NET introduces new digital services while offering consumers the benefit to watch all channels in a state-of-the-art digital format”, says Pierre Roy, COO of Nagravision.


In operation since 1991 with about 300,000 pay TV subscribers and 20,000 broadband internet subscribers, TVA is the first Brazilian Pay TV operator. The company plans to launch before the end of the year a basic platform and migrate aggressively their entire subscriber base in 2005. The new digital platform features Nagravision latest conditional access system and smart card technology, Livewire’s Tsunami STB software and EPG (Electronic Program Guide) allowing TVA subscribers to view with innovative navigation capabilities programs by time, genre and channel for a full seven days in advance. The entire system will be integrated and installed under the management of Nagravision systems integration team and will include a digital cable headend system from Harmonic.

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