Brazil delays Digital TV Format choice

The committee for the Development of the Brazilian System of Television, consisting of nine ministers, has delayed its decision, planned for March 10th, on which DTT system to adopt.
This announcement confirms that recent press reports saying that the Japanese system, ISDB-T, had been chosen were false.
The other DTT candidates for Brazil are the DVB system, which is used by more countries in the world than any other, or the ATSC system, which does not allow mobile TV reception, a key requirement for Brazil.
A fourth choice consisting of a hybrid system specifically crafted for Brazilian requirements has long been a wish in Brazil but it is not known if enough internal funding and resource is available to make this happen.
It is hoped that the strong desire to test a chosen digital TV system during the forthcoming World Soccer Cup in Germany this summer will make a decision possible soon.
Source: Brazzilmag
Item added: 21 March 2006