Boost for DVB-H in the USA with TIA adoption

20 October 2006

The DVB Project has welcomed the decision by the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) to adopt DVB-H as an official standard for Mobile Digital TV in the US.  The publication of TIA-1105, “Terrestrial Mobile Multimedia Multicast Based On Digital Video Broadcasting For Handheld Devices System”, is a further boost to the growing acceptance of the non-proprietary, open standard by broadcast and telecommunications companies engaged in implementing Mobile TV services in the US.

On news of the announcement Peter MacAvock, Executive Director of the DVB Project had this to say: “DVB-H is now a recognisable global success with announcements almost every day of DVB-H products and services. The TIA’s ratification of the specification as a standard is yet a further significant endorsement and will be seen as an important step in establishing DVB-H as the leading choice for Mobile TV implementers in the US”.

In 2004, DVB-H was formally adopted by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) as a standard (EN 302 304). The unparalleled support of network operators, broadcasters, content owners, and silicon and equipment manufacturers for the non-proprietary, open standard, has hastened the commercial launch of DVB-H Mobile TV services around the world.  Extensive trials and pilot services across five continents have already confirmed and continue to endorse the technical capabilities and economic advantages of DVB-H over competing systems.  Commercial DVB-H services are already on-air in Italy, and services have been announced for the US, Finland, Vietnam, France, Germany, Spain, Russia and South Africa before the end of 2007.

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