Bolivia looks at Digital Terrestrial TV standards

Bolivia’s Government expects to have meetings with representatives of the three main terrestrial digital TV standards, DVB-T, ATSC and ISDB-T during the first quarter of 2008 according to Sittel’s public affairs chief. To facilitate these meetings the government intends to hold a technology fair in February where representatives of the three main standards will have the opportunity to show off the available technology.
The government wishes to make a technology decision soon but at the moment there isn’t a deadline. To help with the decision process the government is setting up a committee with members from a range of public entities to study the pros and cons of the three options.
Recently Uruguay chose the DVB-T system, which has already been adopted by Europe, India, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore as well as many other Asian, and many African countries.
DVB-T is already in use to provide terrestrial digital HDTV and SDTV broadcasting services in 6, 7 and 8MHz channel bandwidths around the world.
Brazil chose the ISDB-T system developed by Japan, which is the only country to implement the system so far.
Main source: Business News Americas
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