Blu-ray is becoming the most popular OTT platform

The GEM based BD-Live system of Blu-Ray players is continuing its growth as one of the main OTT platforms.

One of the big trends emerging from this yearâs CES is that Blu-ray is starting to become more than just a better-looking replacement for DVDs. DivX announced its new DivX TV platform yesterday that will bring Internet content straight to Blu-ray devices, including the upcoming LG NetCast players. Vudu revealed partnerships with CE makers that include embedding the companyâs app on various Blu-ray players, and L.A.-based Dreamer Corporation is demoing its new BluTV service that could become an online content portal for any BD-Live compatible player.

At first, this growing list of announcements just reads like a crowded marketplace with lots of players trying to become the middleman for online video in the living room. And while an eventual shake-up seems inevitable, thereâs also a more profound development going on here. Blu-ray is growing up, moving beyond the disk. [read more]