Belarus launches DVB-T pilot

The Belarus National State Teleradio Company has launched terrestrial digital broadcasting for Minsk and the Minsk region.

The broadcaster launched a pilot project of four digital TV channels and a radio channel on 28 December, 2004, at a cost of €312,000, according to the deputy minister of communications, Valdimir Teslyuk.

At the second stage of the project, digital terrestrial broadcasting will be launched in five regional centres. At the third stage, the project will expand to ten further regional centers, at a cost of €3m. The total budget of the project comes to €4.9m.

According to the government’s digital broadcasting development strategy, Belarusian state companies Horizont and Vityaz will launch digital TV receiver and DVB-T application production later this year. Source: 04/01/2005, Mikhail Doroshevich


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