BBC Trust approves “Freesat”

The BBC Trust has provisionally approved the BBC’s proposed free-to-view satellite platform “Freesat”.
Freesat which is expected to be a joint venture with other British public service broadcasters such ITV and Channel 4, will allow all license fee payers in the United Kingdom to receive digital services, including the BBC’s digital television and radio services, without a subscription.
A public consultation has been launched prior to making a final decision in April 2007.
According to acting BBC Chairman Chitra Bharucha: “Over half of those yet to switch to digital TV fall outside the present Freeview DTT coverage area. For these homes, the new service would mean being able to access BBC digital services they have already paid for via their licence fee but until now have been unable to receive on a guaranteed subscription-free basis.”
Analogue switch off in the UK is planned to take place on a regional basis and DTT services will not be available in all planned areas until 2013.
Source: BBC press release
Item added 5th March 2007