BBC provides 3D/DTT coverage at Wimbeldon

The public service broadcaster BBC provided 3D coverage of the men’s and women’s final of the Wimbledon Tennis Championship on the DTT platform.
It is estimated that the 3D content was viewed by 18,000 households. There are approximately 200,000 3D receivers in the UK.
Reaction to the 3D coverage has been mixed with some viewers complaining that it was 3D lite while others were very pleased. The consumer group Which? gave positive feedback to the coverage although noted that some of its testers preferred the conventional 2D HD coverage.
The coverage was produced with Sony and the 3D production company Can Communicate. Five 3D camera positions were used.
Wimbeldon was the first 3D coverage provided by the BBC. It remains to be determined whether it will provide 3D coverage of the upcoming summer Olympic Games in 2012. Already, the BBC has announced that it will do so for the boxing and gymnastic competitions.
Source: DigiTAG attributed to Broadcast Now
Item added: 11th July 2011